Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

Eman gives in: Boekhoudt remains the next governor

THE HAGUE – Alfonso Boekhoudt’s appointment as the new governor of Aruba per January 1 stands, Pieter Hofmann reports on Caribisch Netwerk. Aruba gave in because the appointment is official and in the interest of the relationships within the Kingdom.

This appears from a joint statement of the Netherlands and Aruba, published yesterday after a meeting between Prime Minister Mike Eman and Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk.

Aruba was furious about Boekhoudt’s appointment; Eman said it was unlawful and demanded that the Kingdom reverse it. In the end he gave in.

Minister Plasterk reportedly ignored several Aruban candidates, among them the current Minister of Finance Angel Bermudez. Then the minister nominated Boekhoudt. Plasterk’s ministry said in the statement that it is aware that the process does not deserve a prize for elegance.

Eman and Plasterk agreed not to provide any further comments.

Photo above caption: Prime Minister Mike Eman shakes hands with Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk. Photo Nico van der Ven