Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2017

Awareness campaign

Over the past couple of months several youngsters have disappeared – temporarily or just forever. In more than one case it was about school children, just like the most recent example, last week’s disappearance of Ezekiel Morris.

It would be careless to speculate about the reasons while children do not want to return home, because every case is different.

This is certainly true for the two young men who disappeared from the Simpson Bay Resort on December 5 of last year, never to be seen again.

The police are still investigation, but people who have not been heard of for 49 days seldom suddenly show up with a piece of good news.

In some cases it just comes down to being not careful enough with the friends you choose, or the business you got involved in. In other cases, the reasons lie closer to home.

With all these things happening around us a targeted awareness campaign feels like a good idea. It may not bring back those we have lost, but it may prevent others from falling into the same trap.