Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2016

Emerald-suspect flown to Curacao

GREAT BAY – The Judge of Instruction ruled yesterday that the arrest of Checkmate-owner O’Neal A. on Monday was lawful. His custody was extended by eight days. Later yesterday A. was flown to Curacao where he will be questioned further in the Emerald-investigation. It was deemed unwise to put the suspect in the Pointe Blanche prison because his own company provides security services there.

The Checkmate-owner is suspected of tax fraud, forgery, money laundering and illegal firearm possession.


Photo caption: Members of the TBO-team approach a house in Cole Bay for yet another search yesterday afternoon. Photo Today / Leo Brown

The Emerald probe continued yesterday with house searches on several places, among others in Cole Bay. The prosecutor’s office said in a press release that “a number of new premises” were searched yesterday, but it did not provide any specifics.

By now, the TBO-team has confiscated five cars and a yacht and it has also frozen several bank accounts belonging to the suspect.

The prosecutor’s office will provide another update on the situation today.

Top photo caption: Checkmate security owner O’Neal A. leaves the court house in handcuffs with a member of the TBO-team after the Judge of Instruction declared his arrest lawful. Photo